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    Real Estate Anywhere.

    Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation can fulfill all of your global residential, commercial and recreational real estate needs when you are relocating temporarily or permanently.

    When you are ready to buy, sell or lease, our exclusive network at Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation makes finding your next place efficient.

    Pack Anything.

    Our clients can eliminate packing their possessions when relocating thanks to our first-class packing services. Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation only utilizes the highest quality packing companies because our clients’ belongings are of the utmost importance.

    Ship Anything.

    We work with the highest quality of movers and shippers globally and can ship anything, anywhere. From exotic cars to ATVs, our team does it all. Our clients entrust us with shipping their most valuable assets. In addition to shipping clients’ belongings and vehicles, our shipping services include transporting house pets, livestock, and legal exotic animals. We utilize the most deluxe methods of transportation to deliver your valuables.

    Store Anything.

    While relocation can seem overwhelming, our clients can rest assured that our storage services provide them with the most trusted and reliable options for their assets for both short-term and long-term storage needs.

    Furnish Anything.

    We simplify furnishing your next home with exceptional and high-end furnishings. This service is offered to our clients for any type of global relocation, whether permanent or temporary.

    Anything. Anywhere.

    We believe in making our clients’ Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation experience as simple as possible, ensuring that each element of the move is coordinated. Simplification, comfort, and discretion are Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation’s main priorities. We aim to provide the most premier service for all things real estate and relocation in the world.


    Your go-to company for all things Relocation.

    Relocating can be stressful. Let Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation find you your next place and the vendors needed to get you there, all at no cost to you.

    W e are a unique boutique real estate company built on relationships. We believe in putting people before a paycheck, and maintain our people-centric philosophy while delivering limitless white glove services. We aim to provide the most premiere experiences in the world when it comes to global real estate, packing, moving, and shipping. We tailor our services to each individual client’s needs and streamline the process of relocation.

    I t’s all about who you know, and at Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation, we know everyone. We’re in the business of simplifying your life by connecting you to service providers which match your local, national, and global relocation needs. Our network is composed of vetted vendors who have helped clients all over the world. Our services are based on referrals - so you pay us nothing while we work for you. Our exclusive network can connect you with REALTORS®, packing services, moving services, shipping services, furnishing services beyond wherever you are coming or going. Let Healy Global Real Estate + Relocation be your one-stop shop for anything you need in your relocation process.


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